“As a current Royal Navy aggressor pilot operating the Hawk T1, I was offered the opportunity to test the Hawk simulator. I was initially sceptical of how accurate the modelling would be of the handling and the jet engine response.
To say I was impressed would be an understatement.
I found the controls and aircraft responses accurate. The flight model performs as well as the full motion simulator used by the RAF. Flying in formation was easy and very similar to the real thing. I was extremely impressed by the headset integration and immediately felt operational pilots could benefit from training on this software.
In short, the system is more than a game and comparable to a military grade full motion simulator.
In fact, I would even go so far as to say the terrain graphics are higher fidelity whilst flying at low level.”
Lt Cdr Matt Deavin RNRHawk pilot and fast jet qualified weapons instructor

Using Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d advanced simulator, we can offer a diverse range of synthetic training solutions, which can be used for both Air and Ground handling training purposes. Currently our training programme focuses on the Aircraft, from start-up in a cold, dark cockpit to fully running accurate systems, including weapon systems, digital displays and authentic flight models that impress qualified pilots.

With our Air Combat Training School (ACTS) syllabus, trainee pilots will learn the basics from elementary stages through to advanced combat manoeuvres, tactical weapons and flight techniques. A comprehensive mission planner is included allowing the placement and scripting of air, land and naval assets. Learning the intricacies of an aircraft using synthetic training not only offers a cost benefit but also compliments your training safety case.

Using our highly detailed and accurate modelling process we can develop any aircraft, providing a realistic interface where the simulator will respond to every switch, button, dial, warning panel and gauge as it would in real life, as well as reacting in terms of motion as it would in the real world. We can then combine this with an accurate visual and flight damage model which will allow a pilot to learn how to deal with an emergency scenario in a safe environment.

Our Solution can be applied onto a variety of training tools; tablet, laptop, desktop computers with motion platforms, using virtual reality headsets or even an immersive surround screen dome. We can network systems locally or via a secure VPN, up to 50 connections, with all pilots flying in the same battle space. Imagine a Red Flag exercise run synthetically.

We tailor all of our training packages to suit your specific requirements, with the aim of helping you gain the most out of our solution. If you would like to know more about what Porrima can offer then please get in contact with us for a demonstration.

Let us tailor a solution for you