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Realistic Elementary Flight Training

Imagine there was one solution for all your elementary flight training needs in a single synthetic environment.

Imagine the ability to cooperate in the same battle space, at the same time with up to 50 participants.

Imagine having the chance to memorise the start-up procedure of a Typhoon on a tablet, the flexibility to plan missions and familiarise yourself with controls on your laptop and the ability to rehearse a mission time and time again in virtual reality at your desk weeks before it happens.

Imagine a training package that gives you a real advantage before stepping into an aircraft for the first time.

This is the future.

Air Combat Training School
With our ACTS syllabus, trainee pilots will learn the basics from elementary stages through to advanced combat manoeuvres, tactical weapons usage and flight techniques.
Custom Training Landscapes
We can develop landscapes to create a specific area which would be beneficial to your training purposes.
Mission Planners
Comprehensive mission planners are included allowing the placement and scripting of air, land and naval assets.
Emergency Training
Combined with an accurate visual and flight damage model; pilots learn how to deal with emergency situations in a safe environment.

"To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I found the controls and aircraft responses accurate. The flight model performs as well as the full motion simulator used by the RAF."

Lt Cdr Matt Deavin RNR

Porrima: Roman Goddess of the future

Porrima Simulations is a joint venture between Eventuality UK and VEAO Simulations. The two companies first came together as part of the design process for the Breitling flight simulator, with VEAO developing the Breitling Jet to use whilst they held their South East Asia tour.

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